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Spare Key Duplication Services

Want to duplicate keys near you? Our locksmiths will come to you to provide on-the-spot key cutting services at your convenience.

Duplicate Keys Made On the Spotspare keys made

Locksmith Pros can duplicate keys and have them work properly the first time. Our professional locksmiths can come to you and make spare keys quickly and affordably. Our mobile locksmiths will make sure that your spare key works properly before they leave. If there are any issues with the new spare key, they will take care of the problem while they are with you.

A duplicate key is made by a process that is commonly called key cutting. A blank key needs to be cut precisely and accurately. Our locksmiths make thousands of keys per year. The types of keys that can be duplicated are many including the following.

  • House Keys
  • Car Keys
  • Office Keys
  • Master Keys
  • Mailbox keys
  • Transponder Keys
  • Garage Keys

Locksmith Pros use the newest and most innovative locksmith equipment available in the United States. Having duplicate keys made takes a professional locksmith. All too many times, you want a spare key made and you take the original and bring it to the nearest hardware store or national home store. You have the spare key made and then go to use it and it does not work. What this means is that you must go back to where you had the key made and have it remade. This takes both time and energy.

If you have any questions about keys we can duplicate, then feel free to contact our operators at (203) 357-5644.

Key Cutting Near You

Our locksmiths are local and can therefore have keys cut near you when you need. Having spare keys made can be a pain in the you know what. You take the key to the local hardware store and have a duplicate made. You return home to try the new key and it does not work. You then must return to the store and have another key made hoping it works this time around. Our key makers can save you a lot of time and energy by coming to you and cutting new keys for you at your home. Having a professional mobile locksmith can save you both time and money. These are the locksmiths that will go to where you are to make the key. Once the key is made it is then tried in the lock to make sure that everything works smoothly. This is the way that keys should be duplicated.

There is another practical advantage of having a key maker near you who can make you a new key at your home, office or car. Key duplication is important and needs to be done correctly. If the duplicate is not made the proper way it will not work no matter how many times you try it in the lock. There comes a time when it is important to have a duplicate key for many reasons.

Making duplicate keys is also known as key cutting. The most used locks are called pin and tumbler locks. These types of locks work with a series of pins that are set at different depths and create a unique pattern. A series of springs holds the pins and allow them to move when pressure is applied to them. When a key is put into the lock the pins move upward. If the pins all move the way they should and go into the right position it is called a shear line. If all of the pins go into the right position the key can be turned and the door unlocked or locked. If the pins do not line up the way they should with a key the lock will not turn, and the door will remain locked. This is why it is so important for the key to be tested in the lock as soon as it is made. If the key does not work properly it can be fixed right on the spot.


Types of Keys We Copy

Our key replacement locksmiths copy all types of keys for cars, houses and offices. Our expert mobile key duplication locksmiths have a wide variety of key types and key molds to copy keys of all types. Our key cutting service is door to door, which means that we can reach you quickly and convenient in order to make you a spare key for you on the spot. Wondering if we can copy your key? We surely can. Give us a call and a key maker will be by shortly to help you out.

Some of the keys we commonly work with include:

  • Kwikset Keys
  • Schlagle Keys
  • Baldwin Keys
  • Master Lock Keys
  • Weiser Keys
  • Titan Keys
  • and many more

If your key is not working properly and you cannot gain access to your home or vehicle there are professional locksmiths that will come to you and help. These locksmiths are not expensive and can save you time and energy. Our locksmiths offer the cheapest key cutting service available in the area. If you need duplicate keys made do not hesitate to give us a call. Having the extra keys will make your life much easier if you should misplace your original set. For the small cost to have duplicate keys made it can save you a lot of time, energy, and stress. Be sure to keep your duplicate keys someplace safe and secure so that you will know where they are if you need them.

Call us today to create a spare key copy for your home or office at affordable locksmith prices in the industry.

Why Get A Spare Key?

If you don’t want to be locked out, one of the options to prevent that is having a key copy or duplicate. It might save your day and lots of time, not to mention the money. With a copy of the key you will sleep peacefully knowing that if something bad happens, you have a solution hidden somewhere next to you. Now, if you didn’t think about making a duplicate until today, you should really do that. It is a simple and cheap process. You go to the locksmith, give him the original key and he makes next one for you. It is important to make a copy from the original one as you will be sure that the duplicate will work as it should. It is not always like that if you make a copy from a copy. Remember that. It is possible to make a new key directly from a lock; however, it is a slightly more costly process.

No matter how many locks you have you should have at least one spare key made for each. Unfortunately, many people learn this lesson the hard way and do not get the spare made until after they need it. The same holds true for your vehicles. Each vehicle should have its own spare key made and stored in a safe place. Having duplicate keys made takes very little time and money. The best part is our locksmiths will go out to where you are. Having our mobile key cutting locksmiths come to you will get those keys made and working properly the first time around.

Spare keys are great when you are in a home lockout or are locked out of your car. Spare keys can also be given to family members or neighbors, depending on the circumstances. Spare keys can also save you when you do not plan on being locked out because you forgot your keys somewhere. The spare will allow you to gain access until you are able to get your regular set of keys back.

To have duplicate keys made, contact our locksmiths to get a key maker near you ASAP!

Key Duplication Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the locksmiths at Locksmiths Pros can duplicate keys while they are on the site with you. Getting keys duplicated this way makes it easier than going to the local hardware store. If the key does not fit right, the locksmith is able to fix the problem right on the spot. Having keys duplicated at the hardware store means you will be running back and forth until the key works at it should.

The price of having a spare key made depends on the type of key and lock that it matches. A typical house key duplicate will cost less than a vehicle transponder key. The most common prices of duplicate keys are listed on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact one of our operators.