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Car Trunk Lockouts: Call Us For Help

When your car keys are locked in the trunk, It is not an issue of what led to the situation. Finding a way out of the unfortunate scenario is what is most important. As professional locksmiths, we have seen this situation happen over and over again.


How It Happened

You probably got into a conversation with an old friend and in the process, got your trunk shut while your keys lay inside. It might also be that you were unpacking the groceries after shopping but you forgot to take out your bag with your keys inside. Closing the car trunk in this respect means your car keys are locked in.

Irrespective of what led to your keys getting locked in, you will do well not to panic. Fear can be destructive here and you can avoid it. Let us say that you probably do not have a spare car key indoors, what exactly can you do with locked keys in car scenarios?

When your mind is not agitated, it is easier to think clear and make the best decision.  There are many options that can be a safeguard against locking your car keys in the trunk. What you decide to do should be such that fits you appropriately. You might need to think of a car key replacement if you have no option.


Keeping A Key At Your Friends’

One option that you probably need to explore is keeping an extra key at your friend’s place. When a car lockout occurs, you only need to contact your good old friend to retrieve the key. As simple as this might sound, it is not always possible.

Sometimes, you can lock your keys in the trunk when you are far away from home or traveling. At other times, it is possible that your friend could be out of town. Since we know what to do when this situation arises, you can trust that as 24 hour emergency locksmith service providers and we can always help you out.


DIY Unlocking

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Some people have a DIY inclination and it is possible to unlock your car with a few steps. Here are tips you can use for old and new cars:


Old cars

There is an open loop that you can explore on your own if your car is one of the old models. For example, cars with locks that are situated in the handle of the interior door, DIY will be difficult. But as experts, we can get our way around it and help it you out.

The easiest approach will be when you have a car with old model locks that are fitted with those little buttons. You can look for simple coat hangers around you and turn one end of it to a hook. You will need to place this hanger in-between the side of the car window and the rubber.

If your hands are steady, you can get the hanger hooked to the door lock while attempting to have it pulled up.  If you succeed, you will be able to get into the car and release the latch that controls the car trunk. Most cars have either a latch or a control button that can be used to open the trunk.


New Car Models    

Newer car models are different from old cars and they make use of security systems that are electronically –controlled. If your car works as described here, you will need to open the car door. This can be simple to do as you only need to locate the panel that houses the control fuse next to the driver’s entry door.

When you close the door, it normally will shut out the panel referred to above. Locate this panel after you succeed in opening the door. Put the 4 fuses as they should and observe if this unlocks the door. If it does, then you can open the trunk easily.  You can pull the fuses at the same time if the unlocking delays but if it is still difficult, you need to call a local locksmith.

If you are not successful with any of these DIY approaches, it would be wise to contact us so that we can send a locksmith over to you immediately. Having worked on several car models with varying descriptions across the country, you can be sure we have the needed expertise to help you.


Call A Car locksmith Near Me

When your car keys are locked in the trunk and you are in a hurry, we are here to provide you with a quick and affordable solution. We have car locksmiths around the country ready and available to attend to your needs day and night.

Our customer service lines are open around the clock and one of our local Locksmith Pros can reach you, get your trunk unlocked and get you back on the road within 30 minutes.


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